Act I

by Sakes Alive!!

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First of a three part 7 inch series being released on three separate labels.

Limited pressing, 500 copies.
100 transparent green.
400 purple marble.

"Act I, in essence, is a three part criticism of greed, corruption and the everyday nine to five grind of the modern age with vocalist Chris Vandeviver playing the role as the gravely throated everyman. This album is a heavy hitting opus for the discontented and disaffected, and is relatable to anyone who has a lucid, functioning thought process and for people who can’t always roll with what bullshit they’re fed."



released August 27, 2008

Recorded and engineered by Jordan Nicometo.
At the SA!! practice space.
Released by Barrett Records, limited 500 copy 7 inch.
100 transparent green, 400 purple marble.
Artwork by Stan Doll.

Chris Vandeviver - Vocals, guitars, song-writing.
Tim Williams - Lead guitars.
BC Mostyn - Bass.
Dave O'Connor - Drums.



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Sakes Alive!! Rochester

Sakes Alive!! is a punk rock band from Rochester, NY.

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Track Name: I'm Religious
I'm Religious

Maybe it’s because I’m the bastard son
That was born out(side) of love
In this house of shit-hardened brick;
Under the star for the disaffected

But I live my life indignant,
Stubborn and seeking inspiration
Cause from my manger to my cross—
Time’s ticking
And there’s no time to suffer a boss


So with that,
The three Kings and I,
We’re setting out to redeem
Everyone alive!
A journey across the map
To call shit like it is,
And point fingers, unabashed!
It might take the end
For a chosen few
To ensure divinity to this crew
Well, we’ll just have to chance it…

We spread the Gospel of fervent rage
To working folk and pariah the same
All the way from the Cayman Isles
To the dark wells of sand dune lakes


It’s an Inquisition for
Idolaters and financial whores
Seeking the day for their Last Supper now
Life has bent its will
Long enough for such greedy men
So raise the stakes and light the pyres
Hoist up the offending liars
And leave them for dead


Scream “Sakes Alive!!”
Scream “Sakes Alive!!”
We are born again
Track Name: Staff Meeting
Staff Meeting

And at the end of the night…
We’ll return to our somber sleepy lives
Head back to work
Rub our eyes and wonder
“Was it all in my mind?”
Cause the rent needs paying
And each mouth has to eat
Love nor ideals can cover bills
It’s all a pipe dream

So there you are
Filling your gas
Watching the hours of your life
Simply pump right past…

And this is how it’s always gonna be

First! - excavate your hope
Then! - depreciate its life---
Amidst the crowd and neon signs
Built into a grid of traffic lights;
Cash and clocks;
Toil, then drop
This is how it’s always gonna be

Until the end
With both feet in cement
Clawing at the edge,
From the bottom,
Of a six foot hole…

Time’s running (out)
Track Name: Relax

So here we stand
So here we stand right on the brink
Of all we know
Billions of souls tied up in red tape
By systems that don’t hold a grain of sand
In the real world of trees and volcanic blasts


Well, it’s quitting time!
So pack up the wife and kids
And get away
For one last vacation
To see it all
From the Great Wall to Red Sea,
This is our last hurrah

So here we stand right on the brink
Of all we know
Just stand and gaze at the life prosthetic,
Mimicking what’s next to it
Come crashing down


Well, it’s quitting time!
So pack up the wife and kids
And run away
For the last vacation
To see it all
From the Great Wall to the Red Sea,
The Pyramids and Yosemite

Cause those folks inside
Wearing suits and ties
Think that this world is theirs to shape
But our Mistress sleeps alone
Dozing peacefully
We exist only in her dreams